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The success of any company is built on a strong foundation consisting of sound guiding principles, strategic development, talent acquisition and retention, business processes, financial responsibility and sales and marketing.

Doug Wing has a unique background that includes every area of business. He not only worked in a successful business, he helped nurture and grow the business and team to the worldwide category leader it is today.

Today, Doug helps individual executives, executive teams, sales teams and leadership groups assess their current situation, identify challenges and source solutions, determine key areas of opportunity and maximize revenue potential.

Doug is passionate about helping individuals, businesses, non-profits and corporations reach their highest potential.


Executive Coaching

Doug works one on one with high-level executives, entrepreneurs and directors of organizations to help them plan, guide and direct their companies toward more opportunities, greater impact and higher profitability. 

Business Consulting

Doug grew up in a business that his family started from the ground up. He knows every aspect of how to grow a successful business, even in a mature market. He helps assess opportunities, determine feasibility, develop plans and provide direction. 

Organizational Consulting

Doug's passion is helping people and businesses succeed. He helps organizations build strong foundations from the inside out. He teaches how to hire the right people, train for success, retain talent and expect greatness.

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