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In this case, this is your father's sales training. Why? because Hal Wing and The Little Giant Ladder Company is a great American business success story, and Doug was his dad's right hand. Doug worked alongside his dad throughout his life and experienced first hand the value of communication, listening skills, relationships and follow-up. Going the extra mile and showing up makes all the difference to customers and employees.

Doug teaches the many facets and types of selling based on your audience, their needs and the challenges they face. "What people fail to realize is that in everyday life, in nearly every situation, we are selling," says Doug. "Understanding how to identify these opportunities and maximize them to help people, provide value and generate income takes skill, presence and intuition. Learning how to develop these is instrumental to your success in sales and in life."

Doug packages training and talent development with fun stories, relatable examples and actionable steps you can begin to implement immediately to up your sales game.


Relationship Selling

Doug helps executives and team leaders understand the value of relationships and how they impact sales success.

To sales professionals, Doug also delivers techniques and tactics for developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships both with colleagues and customers.

Value Selling

Doug teaches sales teams the principles of selling based on the value of a product rather than features, benefits and price. 

Doug also teaches psychological selling techniques that properly position you and your product, overcome objections and cause people to say yes, improving closing rates and customer loyalty.

High Price Selling

Doug delivers everything a sales team needs to completely change their perspective and approach to selling. The premise that price is  prominent is completely blown out of the water when you understand what people want, why they buy and how you can maneuver through the sales process in a way that takes price out of the equation.

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