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Doug is a master at reading an audience. He approaches every presentation with a strategy of meeting the needs of those he serves in a way that is valuable and meaningful to them. For this reason, Doug is a highly sought after speaker for both corporate and service organizations.


His goal is always to provide actionable takeaways that his audience can use to achieve their goals. People leave his sessions, energized, inspired and renewed.


Doug will share with you the incredible story of his more than 40-year sales and management career at the Little Giant Ladder Company. He will discuss his father's amazing story, including how the business began as well as the struggles and the challenges faced through the 80s, 90s and beyond.

Doug also shares the family's secrets on creating an awesome company culture, hiring and retaining the right people, individual opportunity and accountability and so much more.

Learn the core values that Hal Wing and his family used to grow and build an amazing company that started as a product design and grew to become a worldwide category leader and household brand name.



Doug teaches about the principles of a true leader and what that looks like from a 360-degree perspective. He helps his audience in all levels of business identify and implement strategies that effectively lead and manage, not only their teams, but their peers and even their supervisors, stakeholders and company leadership. He also helps companies learn how to grow leaders and promote from within.


Doug shares with his audience the service principles and sales strategies that Hal Wing developed and implemented that took The Little Giant Ladder Company from a small family business into the worldwide category leader it is today. Whether technically in a sales role or not, Doug's audience will learn how to positively impact and influence those around them to achieve their goals.


Growing a company from concept to category leader is no small feat. It takes vision, persistence and tenacity. Doug gives his audience an inside look at the characteristics, traits and skills someone needs to be a successful entrepreneur. Doug also helps businesses understand how to empower employees to take ownership of their positions to positively impact morale as well as the bottom line.

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